The beauty of Choice

  • We’re bombarded with hundreds of ads on all media platforms every day. The society we live in is driven by consumerism. Buy this and then buy that. It’s an endless cycle. Instead, sum up your life in a few bags and adopt the traveler’s mentality, the mindset of carrying only what you need.

  • Beauty is not just what you show yourself on social media, and it’s not what advertisements want us to believe. It’s much more than that. Beauty is in your choices. It doesn’t matter how you appear; what matters is how you got that result. So did you build your body from steroids or pure hard work? Because, when your decisions are beautiful, so too will you be.

  • Have control over your wants. You’ll be much happier if you want less than if you have more. Break free and reject the consumerism that ruins most of us, especially material possessions. Make that conscious choice of having less. It gives you both – more freedom and time.

  • Choose to be happy, choose to be healthy, choose to be good, and choose to be motivated. Your life is a product of your choices. Make better ones.

But that’s just my take. Comment and share yours.

If this topic interests you and you’re curious to learn more – check out this book through this Amazon affiliate link that I thoroughly enjoyed – The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less

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Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla
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