How is your life like a casino?

  • Life is a casino. Since no one knows the future, we’re gambling either way, whether we try something new or we don’t. In a way, we all gamble and assume risks, especially when we are unsure of the opportunities.

  • It’s all a gamble – the places we find ourselves in, the choices we make, the odds we play, and then die trying to set them in our favor. Maybe the most prominent winners of this game get their photos taken and their names posted on a special wall, but for how long?

  • All we can do is minimize the loss or maximize the profit. But, eventually, everyone will run out of time and be a distant memory where new gamblers will take our place at the table. How many of the 100 billion humans that have ever existed on our planet do you know of?

  • We’re in a constant hurry to buy more assets, accumulating for us, accumulating for the generation that comes after us, and so on. But we’re playing by these fake rules of life, the rules to buy as many products and assets as we can, regardless of the struggle behind it all. We forget that it is the owner who comes and goes, not the property.

  • In the end, we don’t get to take away the chips we got in the beginning. We leave it right in the middle of the table as if we never had it to begin with. We plan to accumulate as many chips as we can but forget that death taxes everyone 100%. Life is like a casino. You gotta live while you can.

But that’s just my take. Comment and share yours.

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Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla
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