Don’t seek out battle

  • Our society idolizes ‘actions’ over someone thoughtful or somebody at peace since we believe that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. So, we seek ‘action’ as a distraction to keep ourselves busy since we’re afraid of being still. As a result, we are not essentially productive; we are just busy!

  • In this fast-moving world, everyone’s so busy in their lives that they get irritated with every small thing. And thus, only a few around us sincerely consider others’ opinions, and many argue about things based on their half-knowledge. Look at the wars between countries every few months. And who runs these countries? Us! Our ego gets the best of us. We fight to seek out respect and show our power. We seek battle because we are short-tempered, have no control over our emotions, and are unable to think and discuss logically.

  • Don’t seek out battle, but if you have to be out in the arena, it must be for the right reasons. Choose your fights wisely – fight only the important ones, and don’t start the ones you can’t win. And, for all future times, choose to be at peace than at war.

But that’s just my take. Comment and share yours.

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Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla
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