How Our View Shapes Reality 

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This timeless saying is more than just about aesthetics; it’s about how our perception shapes our reality.

Picture a rose bush, blossoming with flowers and adorned with thorns.

1. The Romantic’s View: 

To a romantic, this bush is a symbol of love and beauty. They see the vibrant roses and perhaps think of romance, poetry, or a beautiful garden. For them, the rose bush is a source of joy and inspiration.

2. The Gardener’s View: 

A gardener looks at the same bush and sees a balance. They admire the roses but are also mindful of the thorns. Their view is practical: the bush requires care and respect. It’s not just a plant; it’s a responsibility.

3. The Pessimist’s View: 

Then there’s the pessimist, who might only focus on the thorns. To them, the bush is a potential source of pain, something to be cautious around. The beauty of the roses might be entirely lost on them.

4. The Environmentalist’s View: 

An environmentalist sees the bush as part of the ecosystem. They think about how it supports wildlife, from bees to birds. For them, the bush isn’t just a plant; it’s a vital part of nature.

Why Perspective Matters

Each perspective on the rose bush tells a different story.

The rose bush doesn’t change, but our stories about it do. And that’s kind of wild, isn’t it?

This is a powerful reminder of how our backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs shape our view of the world.

1. In Personal Relationships: 

Understanding that everyone has a unique perspective can help us be more empathetic and patient with others. It reminds us that there’s often more to a situation than meets the eye.

2. In Work and Decisions: 

Recognizing different viewpoints can make us better decision-makers and collaborators. It shows the value in diverse opinions and approaches.

3. In Society: 

Appreciating the various ways people see the world can foster tolerance and open-mindedness. It’s a step towards more harmonious and understanding communities.


So next time you see a rose bush (or anything, really), take a moment to think about it. What do you see? And what might someone else see? 

It shows us that what we see isn’t just shaped by what’s in front of us, but also by how we choose to look at it. 

Our perspective can limit us, enlighten us, or even enrich our understanding. So, as we go about our lives, let’s remember that our reality is often a reflection of our viewpoint.

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Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla
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