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Greetings friends! Welcome to my blog.

The purpose of this page is to offer new visitors a convenient way to discover some of my most popular posts. This is much easier instead of hunting through all of my 400+ articles.

You should be aware, however, that this blog is not intended to keep you busy all day. Our mission is to add value to your everyday life with thought-provoking philosophy, condensed into digestible daily articles and quotes that take just a minute to read.

In this space, we dive deep into all those topics you’ve always wished someone had taught you. It’s a platform to engage with ideas you’ve often pondered but never had a chance to discuss. It’s here to bring clarity to those lingering questions in your mind, and offer a safe space to tackle challenging topics that affect your life.

Read the story here if you’re curious about why and how I came up with this blog? And how did I begin my journey with philosophy?

Now you may be wondering, “what does Stoicism actually mean?” and what exactly is “Stoic Of The Day ?” Simply put, Stoicism is a philosophy designed to improve our thoughtfulness, mental strength, ethical standards, wisdom, and happiness. And through our blog, “Stoic Of The Day,” we discuss these profound concepts via 1 minute daily articles.

These concepts are organized into 16 categories, each with its own purpose. Start with the topic of your choice.

Here are the categories and a few articles that you should begin this journey with

  1. Acceptance so you can let go of control, accept others and yourself, and improve your shortcomings.

    Recommended Read: Can Letting Go Set You Free? Exploring the Subtle Art of Outcome Detachment

  2. Actions to help you overcome your fears and expand your comfort zone.

    Recommended Read: Who are you becoming? Actions

  3. Awareness so you can be aware of yourself, understand what you do and why and comprehend whether your beliefs are positive or holding you back.

    Recommended Read: Where philosophy begins – Awareness

  4. Clarity so you can become clear of what you want, reduce misinterpretation, and increase transparency.

    Recommended Read: Learn to say NO – Clarity

  5. Courage so you can put aside your fear of failure, attempt things you have not tried before and take the first steps.

    Recommended Read: Deal with haters – Courage

  6. Kindness to treat others well and have more positive relationships with friends, family, and even strangers you encounter in your daily lives.

    Recommended Read: Words better left unsaid – Kindness

  7. Mindfulness of Death to embrace your life more, neutralize fears of dying, and accept death as just a part of life.

    Recommended Read: Dying slowly – Mindfulness of Death

  8. Passion to find and do something you love and be more fulfilled.

    Recommended Read: Conditional Happiness – Passion

  9. Practical so you can take control of your life during a crisis and be emotionally stable.

    Recommended Read: Laugh at your pain – Practical

  10. Rational so you can make decisions in a new situation, keep your mind calm and take action with data from the real world.

    Recommended Read: No shame in needing help – Rational

  11. Responsibility so you can take charge of your life and succeed.

    Recommended Read: Don’t abandon others or yourself – Responsibility

  12. Thoughts so you can analyze yourself and improve your feelings about people and your life.

    Recommended Read: Expert in happiness – Thoughts

  13. Destiny so you have the understanding that your lives matter beyond meetings and job interviews.

    Recommended Read: Your path – Destiny

  14. Peace so you have positive thoughts, fewer worries, and find balance in your life.

    Recommended Read: Inner Peace – Peace

  15. Inspiration so you find new possibilities and transform the way you perceive your capabilities.

    Recommended Read: Nothing is impossible – Inspiration

  16. Explore to bring you new experiences that provide unique knowledge and bring out new and best ideas in you.

    Recommended Read: Never stop exploring – Explore

You might have thought about these concepts before and found answers, or perhaps you didn’t. Whatever the case may be, I want to assure you that you are not alone. Throughout history, countless amazing and successful individuals have practiced this philosophy, including various Presidents, innumerable best-selling authors, most famous artists, record-breaking athletes, and entrepreneurs. Each of them led a gratifying life by practicing philosophy.

I hope these articles help you as much as they have helped me. I’ll see you again tomorrow for your daily dose of wisdom.


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