Pay your taxes, literally & figuratively

  • The truth is that nothing in life is free, and everything has its own price. Among other things, we pay taxes to our government for the roads we travel on, the police to protect us locally, our social security, the military to defend our country, and for the schools, parks, and libraries.

  • Even though some people believe taxes are theft and to screw the government, its fundamentals are not wrong.

  • Paying taxes is a good problem to have since, hopefully, only the wealthy pay taxes. However, not just that, we all have a moral obligation to the less fortunate. Paying taxes is one way to care more about the common good of society than our own private interests.

  • Besides paying taxes to the government, we need to pay taxes figuratively as well. In life, stress and problems are tariffs that come along with success. If we’re asleep, we pay taxes on what we could have done if we were awake. Discipline and hard work are the taxes we pay to succeed. Not being lazy is the tax we pay for our better future.

  • It is better to accept these forms of taxes in life and enjoy what you get to keep. Be proud of yourself, and remember that you are fortunate enough to own something that can be taxed.

But that’s just my take. Comment and share yours.

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Garv Chawla
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