Power and Powerlessness

  • In the capitalist world of today, wealth is distributed unequally. As the rich become more prosperous and powerful, the poor become poorer and often oppressed.

  • The sharks of the society eat the smaller fish. Influential individuals vie with others for greater control over resources and influence. But, on the other hand, the weak are tired and frightened of competing with the strong.

  • Authority is generated by power, while oppression is reinforced by powerlessness. Those in power create systematic and structural barriers, preventing participation by individuals and specific groups.

  • However, there are limits to power. Those in power struggle to keep their power and defend themselves against oppression. However, as their power grows and they achieve greater strength, many might misuse it to oppress those beneath them, maintain their status quo, and perpetuate the cycle.

  • Consider slavery in the United States for a moment. Would a master be able to understand the life of an enslaved person? How would someone who was born and brought up in wealth understand the life of an enslaved person? A person with power needs to communicate, feel sympathy for, or demonstrate empathy for those without power.

  • Imagine a world where those with power unite with those without power. Imagine the greatness that could be achieved. It was only when these two came together that major reforms were brought about. Those with power and those without power can work together to change the world.

  • Regardless of one’s current position, we need to make ourselves open to learning from anyone and everyone. We must leave room for what may happen and keep the common good at the forefront. As a society, our efforts should be focused on enhancing the well-being of all members rather than just a few individuals.

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Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla
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