The retreat is in YOU

  • Have you seen others traveling the world on social media and wondered if you have become a soulless workaholic robot? Suddenly whatever you’re working on doesn’t feel good, so going on a retreat just like everyone else seems like the only happy solution.

  • A holiday can be wonderful for many reasons where people not only enjoy themselves but also reflect upon the past year and years before. However, your retreat becomes a problem if you use it too much to escape your daily routine.

  • What happens after you return from vacation? Do you have a new outlook on living your life, or are you back in the same unproductive and unwanted rut? There is a problem when your holidays, time off, and family time don’t lift you up.

  • Don’t yearn for the mountains and the sea. Don’t wait for a perfect holiday to escape your troubles and stress. Whatever you hold inside of you stays with you no matter where you go. You take your happiness with you. You take your frustration and sorrow with you. It’s all in you.

  • The retreat is in you, so consider reviewing your priorities and getting a little ‘me’ time. Be true to yourself, and focus only on things you can control.

  • Turn off the world for a moment and find your retreat in yourself. It can be just as simple as lying on the bed, journaling, reading a book, playing sports, cooking with your partner, or simply experiencing something new. When you are at peace, the place you’d most like to travel to is nowhere. Right here, right now, is a retreat. The retreat is in you!

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Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla
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