What Does Death Really Feel Like?

Ever found yourself staring up at the stars, those infinite cosmic wonders, only to pause, and ponder what it means to be mortal?

Maybe you’ve felt that strange, quiet dread when a favorite character in a movie meets an untimely end, or when you hear of a celebrity passing?

These moments, as unsettling as they may be, push us to confront a deeply uncomfortable truth – that death, our own included, is an inevitable part of life.

And it got me wondering – what does death truly feel like?

The idea that someone can exist one day, and then suddenly, vanish into the abyss of non-existence forever, is deeply unsettling.

The passing of my father, and the death of my grandparents, have thrust me into contemplation about the transient nature of life.

These figures, who were once so full of life, laughter, and stories, today exist only in memories and photographs. 

What Makes Death So Terrifying?

Let’s face it, the thought of dying can be scary. 

The fear of the unknown, the dread of what lies beyond our conscious world, can be downright intimidating. 

It’s a primal fear, an inbuilt alarm system that’s been ringing since the dawn of humanity. 

But what if we try to understand this fear, to really dive into its roots? 

Embracing the Inevitable

Now, imagine standing at the edge of a cliff, the wind whispering in your ears, the setting sun painting the sky with hues of red and orange. 

You know the sun will set, and the day will end. 

You accept it, and in this acceptance, there’s a sense of peace. 

Similarly, death too, is a setting sun. 

It’s the natural conclusion to the day that was your life. 

There’s peace in this acceptance, a relief even, knowing that the journey, with its highs and lows, is reaching its rightful conclusion.

Cosmic Connection

Ever considered that death might not be a full stop, but a new paragraph in the story of the cosmos?

Some believe that at death, we simply return to the infinite universe, a bit trippy, right?

But it’s a perspective that brings a sense of unity and continuity even in the face of death.

Death as an End and a Beginning

Death is the ultimate paradox. 

It marks the end of our physical journey, the closing of one book. 

But who’s to say it’s not the beginning of another story, an adventure into kingdoms unknown?

This thought can be simultaneously scary and exciting, prompting us to ask: what mysteries could this new journey hold?

Near-Death Experiences

There are people who’ve had a peek at the other side, who’ve touched death and come back. 

Often, these individuals talk about a profound transformation, a renewed appreciation for life, and a deeper understanding of their own existence. 

What can we learn from their experiences?

Pondering our Mortality

Coming to terms with our own mortality can be a heavy task. 

But it’s only through acceptance and contemplation that we can start to prepare for the inevitable.

By considering our own end, we can start to appreciate the transient beauty of life and all the wonderful moments it has to offer.

Death as a Life Coach

Isn’t it ironic that contemplating death could teach us how to live? 

It’s like looking into a mirror that reflects our lives in stark clarity.

It pushes us to live more fully, to appreciate the here and now, and to focus on what truly matters.

After all, if our time is limited, shouldn’t we make every moment count?


While death might seem like a daunting subject, contemplating it can bring about a profound understanding of life.

Remember, the aim is not to instill fear but to encourage thoughtfulness and appreciation of our finite existence.

Death can be seen as a profound reminder that every sunrise, every laugh, and every moment is a precious gift.

Death, in its own eerie way, nudges us to embrace life, to love with ease, and to let go when the time comes.

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Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla
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