Why be good?

  • There’s a selfish reason to be good, and that reason is the feeling that you get when you lie, cheat or screw someone over. Put yourself in touch with those feelings before you do any wrong. They can be a powerful disincentive to be bad.

  • More or less, we all interact with the same group of people every day. So, being bad may have a short-term advantage, but being good can give a better return on investment. Thus being good is also a rational choice. Being good is better for your mental health because ethical people can better deal with stressful and emotionally taxing situations.

  • Humanity, honesty, and morality make your life easier, and for most people being good can be necessary for having self-respect and happiness.

But that’s just my take. Comment and share yours.

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Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla
Articles: 413

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