Why Is Your Jealousy Good for You?

Jealousy is a mirror that reflects the goals we didn’t know we had.

As young adults navigating life, we often find ourselves looking at peers and feeling a sense of jealousy.

At its core, jealousy often stems from an unmet need or desire. So, it can be great as it could actually indicate your personal desires and goals.

Jealousy, when understood, is a roadmap to your aspirations and it has the potential to fuel success when channeled constructively.

Allow me to explain with some examples:

Startup Success

Imagine scrolling through your social media feed and stumbling upon a post from an old classmate.

They’ve launched a successful startup, and their story is brimming with innovation and triumph.

You feel a pang of jealousy, a feeling that might unveil your latent entrepreneurial spirit. Rather than dismissing it, harness this emotion.

It could inspire you to start brainstorming your own business ideas, dive into learning more about the startup world, or even enroll in a business course to gather practical insights.

Home Ownership

A friend your age just bought their first house, and there you are, still renting an apartment. Maybe this sparks a sense of jealousy? 

Don’t brush it off though. This could be a clear sign that you desire a more permanent home base.

Use this feeling as a push to start a savings plan for a down payment.

Advanced Degrees

At a gathering, several friends excitedly discuss their ongoing graduate studies.

You feel jealous. Maybe it’s a reminder of your own halted academic pursuits.

It could be a sign you desire to continue your education.

Physical Fitness

While scrolling through Instagram, you see a picture of an acquaintance celebrating their marathon finish.

Suddenly, you’re engulfed by a feeling of jealousy, a reminder of your own physical fitness levels.

Don’t let this feeling pass unnoticed. It might signify a yearning for better physical fitness or endurance.

This sentiment could drive you to join a gym, hire a personal trainer, or set personal fitness goals such as running a 5K.

Healthy Relationships

At a party, you notice a couple who oozes mutual respect and support, contrasting sharply with your current relationship.

If envy seizes you, it could be an indicator that you desire a healthier, more balanced romantic relationship.

Use this realization as motivation to either address your current relationship issues or reassess what you want in a partner.


Jealousy can be a great tool for self-discovery and personal growth when approached constructively.

It can guide you towards areas of your life that you might wish to improve or change.

Instead of allowing jealousy to consume you, use it to fuel positive changes in your life.

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Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla
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