Words better left unsaid

  • Words can’t be unsaid. Once they have been said, they can only be forgiven and not forgotten. Furthermore, saying “I was angry” or “I couldn’t help myself” doesn’t help.

  • Our thinking brain is bypassed by these emotions, and it’s better to understand from where these words actually originate. You may benefit temporarily from these eruptions, but denying them is destructive in the long run.

  • There are some words that are better left unsaid, and silence is the better alternative if you are about to hurt someone. It is imperative that you taste your words before spitting them out, since your tongue can cause significant damage.

  • When you are angry or hurt, hold your tongue and think about it. Recognize your words, even if they are just to yourself, and consider the consequences. In the end, you’ll realize it’s better not to say it.

But that’s just my take. Comment and share yours.

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Garv Chawla
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