Greetings friends! Welcome again to my blog.

You’ve returned to my blog, and I’m thrilled to have you here.

You might be wondering about the inception of this blog, my personal journey with Stoicism, and how it all started. Today, I aim to shed some light on that.


Here at “Stoic Of The Day,” our vision is crystal clear. We’re on a transformative journey to assist you in shaping your personal life philosophy.

We’re firm believers that a mindful, reflective life can make the world a better place.

So, how do we make this happen? Simple. We deliver a daily dose of philosophical wisdom condensed into one-minute articles.


Now, let’s rewind a bit. Do you remember those early days of dating apps? I recall an interesting chat with a girl on one such platform. Surprisingly, she recognized me from my handwritten Stoic philosophy notes. It turns out a friend had been sharing my daily philosophies with her and other friends.

This random encounter struck a chord within me, showing me how my notes were appreciated and cherished beyond my immediate circle. It sparked a pivotal moment that led to this blog’s creation.

What notes

You may ask, “What notes?” As the pandemic unfolded, leaving a trail of gloom and doom in its wake, I began circulating my handwritten Stoic notes.

I aimed to uplift my friends and family during those tough quarantine days in 2020, hoping to counterbalance the sad narratives of despair and loss.

Self-help content for life

As a lifelong self-help enthusiast, I have always been drawn to motivational books and content. My reading list was packed with two types of content: inspiring quotes from renowned personalities and self-help books.

However, I often found myself wanting more than just a quote but something quicker than a full book. I craved bite-sized wisdom that could provide me with actionable insights in just 1-2 minutes.

Stoic Journey

This desire for daily wisdom led me down the path of Stoicism. My friend gifted me Ryan Holiday’s ‘The Daily Stoic’ on a birthday, and that was the catalyst.

I found myself engrossed in its pages, leading to multiple reads and further exploration of philosophy books. I was captivated by Stoicism and its profound wisdom.

But this ain’t my first

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. This blog, in fact, is my fourth attempt at blogging.

I began over a decade ago with a blog on C programming, an area I struggled with, followed by a blog about daily motivational quotes from influential people.

My third blog,, was centered around financial literacy and freedom.

Unfortunately, each blog lost steam after only a few posts.

With these experiences under my belt, I committed to this fourth venture with newfound determination, producing over 400 articles in the first year alone.

My goal was to create a resource that not only appealed to me but also resonated with readers like you and encouraged you to voice your thoughts.

I genuinely hope you derive as much joy and insight from these articles as I have. Here’s to a rewarding reading journey!


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