What’s the best use of your contempt?

  • We often go to absurd lengths to achieve something, but for what? For a job? For social media fame? Or maybe a hookup? We overindulge in the so-called ‘cool’ things and sometimes forget to look at things objectively and fundamentally.

  • Instead of getting addicted to the good things, we need to understand that everything has pros and cons. In order to avoid being deceived by fancy facades and appearances, we should treat our lives with a bit of contempt.

  • We should not only think about how popular an influencer is on social media, but also how much hard work and pain they put into it. Each Instagram photo that causes envy is the result of hours of hard work. We need to try looking at things with much-needed objectivity to keep ourselves in check and not get extreme emotions.

  • In the modern world, there are so many interesting areas to explore, but not everything is worthwhile. We should choose our battles, especially when it comes to doing things out of FOMO or to appear ‘cool’ to society.

  • Make a conscious effort to break your addictions into their repugnant parts and counterbalance the natural attraction you have to things like money, food, wine, and sex that you find enjoyable. Wine is wonderful, but if you over-indulge, then just think of wine as some fragmented grapes. That’s it.

  • Confronting your desires does not mean you have to stop enjoying what you like to do. It’s just a way to use a little bit of contempt to keep our desires in control. That’s the right way to use contempt.

But that’s just my take. Comment and share yours.

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Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla
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